Saturday, April 24, 2021

Improve Your Chances Of SOTA Activating

Want to have the best chance of getting the minimum of 4 contacts on a summit to be awarded the SOTA points? The secret is to get spotted.

A spot tells people that you have been “spotted on a summit”, and are on a frequency NOW. Chasers load either sotawatch or in their browser and wait for activators to show up.  Some, like me, also put your call-sign or region into Hamalert so they are notified as soon as they see their favorite activators appear on sotawatch or RBN. Do you have me on your Hamalert list?  More on that later.


An April 2021 SOTA UPDATE

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted here.  No, ham’n on mountaintops has NOT come to a halt, but unfortunately my writing did.  I’ve tried to focus more on my VLOG because that’s where all the cool kids hang.  So today, I’ll zip through my activations so far in 2021 and maybe add a little color to some of the new summits I’ve checked off during my adventures.  You’ll also see the embedded YouTube link to some of them as well.  
(Click on Images for larger)