Sunday, November 25, 2018

2018-11-25 Middle Peak

I needed a hike to bookmark the end of the Thanksgiving weekend.  Due to events beyond my control, we went to Phoenix instead of Springerville for Thanksgiving.  We had a very nice time with the in-laws and it involved the normal visiting and excellent meal.  It was a short trip and all of this meant that I wasn’t able to do some of the hiking that Juan and I had planned up in the White Mountains.  So today, I got my butt up early and headed over to Middle Peak, W6/SC-024 - Middle Peak.  It’s located up off of the Sunrise highway past Descanso just south of Lake Cuyamaca.  I hadn’t ever done this before but have looked at it from Eagle peak. 
(Click on photo for larger version)

2018-11-18 Iron Mountain

I really needed some exercise so I headed out on Sunday, 11/18/2018. up Iron Mountain.  I’ve hiked this mountain, W6/SC-214 - Iron Mountain multiple times (see last December, and January).  As you can see from the map, it’s about a 5.2 mile trek up and back.  I hauled my gear with me to get a few contacts but I was pleasantly surprised when I got home and realized that I hadn’t activated it this year, so I go to chalk up a win for my team and 2 points for the log.  The hike was nominal but I got a contact out in Hawaii, Kent, KH6CJJ.  Sulu could take it or leave it but I enjoyed the hike up the rock to get some exercise with the pack on.  Juan and I are planning a hike while we are in AZ, so it would be a good tuneup. 

Monday, November 5, 2018

2018-11-03 Green Mountain and a Wake

My bosom buddy Eric Sevryn died suddenly last September and his sister Carol was holding a wake in his honor on Sunday in Tucson, Arizona.  I say “bosom buddy” in that we grew up together from when we were babies.  If my mom could have breast fed me, she would have fed both of us.  He was either at my house or I was at his when we were growing up.  Eric was my only real true friend growing up in Tucson.  My family moved to our summer home when I was going to enter 7th grade and we stayed in loose contact.  He was at my wedding and we had a grand time.  We lost contact with each other but as I traveled more to Tucson to take care of my mom, Eric and I got together whenever we could.  It was always great seeing him and exchanging stories.  Eric was a kind soul to the core, loved animals and was always willing to help anyone.  He was intelligent and witty.   Although his politics didn’t match mine, he was still respectful of mine as I was of his views.  I loved Eric and will miss his laugh. 

Since I was in Tucson for the weekend, I decided to check off a mountain there and get some exercise.  This hike takes me to the Mt. Lemons area, north of Tucson, AZ to a mountain called Green Mountain (W7A/PE-002 - Green Mountain).  For this trip, I had a passenger, flat stanley, who needed to get out of the house and go on an adventure. (Click on pictures for larger)