Saturday, July 13, 2019

The Ham Ninja's Anytone Code Plug

If you have an Anytone 878UV and want a code plug (settings file) to get started, use one of the ones that I built (link is on the version number in the Code Plug Section Below).  This code plug is a trimmed version of a much larger one that I have, designed for San Diego ARES team in San diego.  Feel free to take this and modify. 

** Be sure you follow the instructions to change the Radio ID found at "DMR Tip 4 - Setting up a new Anytone" before you load onto your radio so that it uses your ID and Call Sign. **

Links to the code plug at bottom of article.

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Button assignments

(from latest code plug below)

Programmable key
Assigned Function
PF1 Short press
Digital Monitor
Off, Single Slot, Double slot
PF1 Long press
Analog reverse for repeaters
PF2 Short press

PF2 Long press
Tx Power
This should be set to something else but this is what it is for now.
PF3 Short press
Tx Power

PF3 Long press

P1 Short press
Main Channel Switch

P1 Long press
Sub CHH Switch

P2 Short press

P2 Long press
MIC Sound Quality

Please send your suggestions. 

Code Plugs with Release Notes

For Anytone AT-878UV

Updated digital contact list to latest
Updated digital contact list,
added the VC ARC repeater on Palomar. 
They have the SDG ARES and SD Hangout talk groups static on the repeater!!!
Updated digital contact list,
updated Papa 11 freq and CTSS codes,
added Lakeside DMR repeater.
Same as V0401 but for Firmware 1.14 just in case you have issues with 1.13 version.
Added New UTC La Jolla repeater.  That repeater has the ARES and Hangout talkgroups set as static so it's a good one to use.  Required Firmware 1.13
Added Papa Palomar SD ARES to ARES zones.
Added the Otay analog  repeater to the ARES NET zone
Updated digital Contact List as of 7/13/2019
Added Freq to analog TAC channels
Added SD Hangout ONLY zone
Added SD ARES ONLY zone
Added a DMR Simplex zone
Added a WEATHER zone
Works with Firmware 1.12 and probably 1.13
Initial public release version. 
Works with Firmware 1.12)

Enjoy and 73,
Christian Claborne
(aka Chris Claborne)

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