Thursday, May 28, 2020

SD Community HAM FORUM - Why CW Presentation

Presenting CW to the San Diego Community Ham Forum on Monday, May 1st, at 8PM,
We will quickly answer the following questions;
1) Why we started CW. 2) How we got started. 3) Our top three tips.

It’s on-air and will be held on the following local San Diego County linked repeaters. 
     Woodson - Rx: 145.180, Tx: 144.58,  PL:107.2
     El Cajon -  Rx: 449.580, Tx: 444.580, PL:107.2
     Alpine -      Rx: 447.580, Tx: 442.580, PL:107.2
     Laguna -    Rx:446.420,  Tx: 441.420, PL:107.2
     Laguna -    Rx:145.120,  Tx: 144.520, PL:107.2

The panel will include Dan (KI6KU), Ted (WD6TED), Adam (K6ARK), and myself (N1CLC)

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