Saturday, September 16, 2017


Below are some SOTA, Summit on the Air,  related links for those that are interested.  I'll update this as needed.  
SOTA Home page to find out more about SOTA, rules, etc

Join the San Diego SOTA Mailing List to hear about local SD SOTA events.

SOTA Reference Web Sites
Some SOTA Radios
  • Yaesu 817ND (my favorite QRP rig)
  • LDG Z-817 auto tuner matched to 817 radio.
  • Elecraft KX2 (the most awesome SOTA rig in my opinion, worth the $$$)
  • Elecraft KX3 is used by a  lot of operators, its more $$$ but nice radio system
  • Yaesu 891 (my 100 watt SOTA rig)
  • MFJ-939Y (auto tuner for 891)
  • Yaesu 857D is used by a lot of SOTA operators as a 100W rig.  Shack in a box and goes from HF to UHF.
  • Yaesu 70D HT that I use as a backup in case I can't use the HF
Antennas & Gear
  • End Fed from Palomar-engineers which is what I use at home
  • AlexLoop 
  • Packtenna (love this little guy)  The packtenna dipole is easier to work with than the MFJ dipole and it has clip-on for 40M so I didn't ahve to make one.
  • MFJ-1910 33' mast for SOTA.  It's light enough for hiking.  I removed the first two elements as they are too weak to hold the dipople.
  • Easy Digi interface for iPhone  allows me to send PSK31 from the iPad as well.
  • Wolphi-link for Droid  
  • Portable Zero Field hardening for your equipment
  • Hardened Power Systems - juice systems for your gear.  I prefer to make my own thogh)
  • Alpha verticle - Nice but they have a history of having their butts kicked by Chamilio
  • Chameleon verticle, dipole, end-fed combo.  Research of multiple reviews shows this is mucho better than Alpha.  A good compromise when you can't setup a dipole because of people or whatever.  I want to do some testing with this from a mountain top.  Not sure it is SOTA ready.  Very well reviewed.  Julian at OH8STN reviewed the Chameleon and Alpha and the CHA won hands down.
  • Super Antenna - Well reviewed vertical antenna with adjustable tuner at the antenna.  
  • Buddipole - Portable, not sure the weight is good for SOTA but the later model has decent review from a guy in town.  There is a person who doesn't like his older model.
  • Slim Jim antennas.  Suposidly this guy is known for making the best ones.  I like the name :)
  • The LNR PAR EndFedz antennas are now sold by Vibroflex
W6 is the So. Cal. Association
W7A is USA - AZ Association


Other reference info
-- Chris Claborne, N1CLC

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