Friday, October 4, 2019

I'm Presenting at the San Diego Hamfest

I'm looking forward to being one of the many presenters on Saturday, 10/5/201, at the San Diego Hamfest.  I will be presenting "Summit On The Air", SOTA where I'll explain what it is, why you might want to be an "activator" or "chaser" and how to do it, and why I enjoy it... and more.

The the San Diego Hamfest is located in Lakeside, CA.  It's being put on by the Lakeside  Amateur Radio Club, a mighty group of hams that are doing one hec of a job.  

If you missed my presentation or you saw it and want to pull it down, here's a link to the slides.  I'll post some more pictures and make a few comments when I get back.

The presentation went well and there was a lot of interest as people came by the table with the poster boards on them.  I think I presented to every club in the area (this presentation makes 6) so attendance was maxed.  
There were some other great presentations and I made some new friends.  

p.s.  Thanks to all the hams that sent me pictures or allowed use from their websites.
(Click on photos for larger)


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