Thursday, December 24, 2020

Update Your Names DB for Outd

As you may know, I’ve switched to Outd for logging contacts on my iPhone for SOTA operations.  I wrote a review of Outd HERE.  One thing that it won’t do it pull callsigns from  In addition, if the callsign changed hands, the name will be wrong.  What I decided to do is create an updated file with callsigns that I’ve worked for SOTA that are not in the DB and sometimes fix the names that are in there if I know they are bad.  I’ve added about a 1,000 calls so far that are not in the stock version.  I was hoping to get a dump of calls that are in the SOTA DB but that might not be permissible. 


If you use Outd and would like to use my file, go HERE for instructions on how to install the latest version.  If you have calls that you would like to add or repair, feel free to send me a list with the callsign and name separated with a comma (“,”).  Also, if you have any issues, please let me know right away.

Chris Claborne
aka christian claborne


  1. Hey Chris, you might wanna check this out
    I use this list with VK Port-a-log and it seems to be pretty complete. But since it pulls the names from the callsign database, you will see the registered name as opposed to a "nick name" (i.e. Christian vs. Chris)
    John K6MXA

    1. WOW! That's 60k more names than I have in my cool custom DB. :) I'll try it and hope that it doesn't crash Outd. Or... create some strange performance issue for logging.

    2. OK, I found that his file was missing about 1500 that I had, including a local ham. I've combined forces and the file now contains 71,483 calls now.

    3. Nice! The list creator said he created it using "participating SOTA users only." Which probably means only people with an account on would make it on the list.
      There was also discussion about some call signs not making the list because of some sort of discrepancies. They will probably continue to work out the bugs to make that list contain all call signs in the database.