Sunday, March 4, 2018

2018-03-03 Merriam Mountain FAIL

During a break from the rain storm I went back up to the San Marcos area to check off “W6/SC-323 - Merriam Mountains” from my list.  This expedition however was a #FAIL.  I had a couple of routes planned, both ran into private property.  I went over to the northwest side and did find a trail that I thought might go up and over but it eventually ended and it would have been a very difficult bushwhack.  The trail was pretty overgrown anyway.  The last possible route, and probably the best said that it was a private road.  It may not have been but oh well.  I sent an email to a fellow SOTA activator who has activated it several times to see if he has a usable route for me. 

I’ll save my energy for Guatay Mountain.  It should be a good hike tomorrow.


- Chris Claborne

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